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Backed By Great People,
100% Customer Focused.

The most important asset to our company, is our people. Our team was built with you as our focus.

Jamie Brown Headshot

Jamie Brown

NMLS#: 340133
Scott Bowne, MBA Headshot

Scott Bowne, MBA

NMLS#: 375875
Brad Williams Headshot

Brad Williams

Broker/Vice President
NMLS#: 375514
Eric Struchko Headshot

Eric Struchko

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 227249
Sheri Frantzis Headshot

Sheri Frantzis

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 333742
Brian Durden Headshot

Brian Durden

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1927422
Lorie Smith Headshot

Lorie Smith

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1914179
Collie Lightsey Headshot

Collie Lightsey

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1972727
Jack Caswell Headshot

Jack Caswell

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 2337211
Taylor Ard Headshot

Taylor Ard

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 370856
Jose Padilla

Jose Padilla

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 2513170
Will Brown Headshot

Will Brown

Loan Officer Assistant
Tina Wagner Headshot

Tina Wagner

Angela A. Bowne

Angela A. Bowne

Client Relationship | Marketing | Events Manager

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